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Gritting Teeth In Sleep-Or Bad Bites?

Ok, Dr. Spainhower here,

I’ve written a report about TMJ Guards titled the “Truth About Mouth Guards” ebook that you can download from my review page. But, I’ll highlight a few points from that report here for you.

Almost any device placed in your mouth as an appliance, TMJ Guard, splint, night guard etc. No matter the design has the possibility to give relief. Most can do this. However, after a few weeks, most will or can start to cause pain again. It has to do with proprioception and muscle engrams.

When Gritting teeth in sleep occur, or when you have teeth clenching at night, most devices placed in the mouth will promote more clenching that encourage you to grind teeth in sleep. Your teeth will be protected from the effects of grinding so that your teeth won’t wear down, but the muscles are over working and can cause fatigue and pains.

There are very few TMJ Guards on the market (OTC or internet) to choose from. Most appliances you see advertised are made to protect your teeth from grinding and wearing your teeth down, but are usually quite harmful for your TMJ issues. Many can cause Lockjaw symptoms as well.

So, in my review through links on this website will demonstrate which TMJ Guards work a little and which help a lot. Most night guards however come far from reducing your pains…because they aren’t designed to reduce pain, they are designed to protect teeth. Unfortunately, they usually actually cause symptoms for TMJ.

So, click on any of the links here to check out the reviews. Good luck and may you be blessed with better TMJ health!

TMJ Guards-Do They Really Work?

Hello, Dr. Spainhower here,

I’m a TMJ Dentist in Layton Utah.

If you’re looking for the best OTC TMJ Guards, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…
Because my uncensored TMJ Guards review is just one click away. My reviews show the pros and cons, which ones don’t work and finally the 2 or 3 guards that have the highest chance to eliminate your symptoms.

Why am I writing this? Well, as I’ve treated thousands of Patients with symptoms for TMJ, I’ve basically used my custom made splints from my private office. But, I’ve heard horror stories (and some good) about night guards from retail stores and the internet. I didn’t really know if any of them worked.

So, I decided to purchase many of the popular ones and test them myself (14 of them). There aren’t any…yes, ZERO…reviews anywhere except mine on the internet that actually review the pros and cons of the night guards available OTC or the Internet.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now. I will be honest, the OTC guards are Not great and have some issues. But, I do know which one is the best one to try, if you’d like to save some money over buying the expensive one from your Dentist. My TMJ Guards in my office cost only 650.00. They work great, but, many of you can have relief with the right OTC guard depending on your case and symptoms.

IF you’re stilling reading this and haven’t clicked thru to read the review, I’ll go into some differences with TMJ Guards.

There are upper guards and lower guards:

Upper guards can be more helpful depending if you have lockjaw symptoms or clicking and popping issues. If you don’t have any locking or clicking issues, then the lower TMJ guards or splints (they’re the same thing) can work just as well as the upper splints.

Hard vs. Soft guards:

Generally the hard ones eliminate many of the possible problems that soft ones have. In recent years, labs are making the dual laminate guards that have a soft inner material and a harder outer material. These are better than the All soft material guards.

The causes of symptoms for TMJ are from Gritting teeth in sleep. If you grind teeth in sleep then the quickest way to stop the undesirable effects is to wear the right night guard. One that does Not promote teeth clenching at night. See, most all, almost every one…do promote clenching at night. That is why some professionals are negative or against wearing night guards at night. But, if you get the right one that is designed to reduce clenching, then you’ll have a better nights’ sleep, less symptoms for TMJ and you’ll sleep like a baby. Yes, it is possible to sleep like a baby again.

The SmartGuard night guard came out on top, but it does have a fairly important negative to it, but if that negative is remedied, then you’ll have a great chance at eliminating your pains. Yes, I said it is possible, in fact probable to eliminate your pains. The other reviewed guards I recommend depends on your symptoms, so…

I hope you found this information useful etc, you can click here to check out the reviews.